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Displaying image thumbnails in the level editor

To display the sprite thumbnails in my level editor application, I wrote a couple of simple custom controls. The first control extends from the .NET PictureBox control, and just has an additional property to track whether it’s been selected. Then, in the OnPaint method, if the SelectablePictureBox is selected, then I draw a border over […]

Writing the level processor

I thought it might be useful to go over how I wrote the custom level processor, because after following the example in the documentation I still had some questions. The Level Classes I already had the classes that make up my level, because I was using them in the level editor. This is the class […]

XNA Level Editor

I’m working on a level editor for creating XNA games. At the moment, it only supports the 2D game engine I’m working on, but I’m planning to extend both the engine and editor to support 3D graphics (but keeping it to 2D logic for the time-being). This is what the editor looks like when it […]